Surf and Sun: 5 Thrilling Water Sports You Need to Try in Miami

Miami is world famous for its wonderful array of ocean-based action. The 100,000 visitors from all over the planet that flocked to the Miami International Boat Show in 2018 are proof of that.

Are you wondering where to start on your trip to Miami? Read on. If you aren't going to try these top 5 types of water sports, you might as well stay at home.

1. Flyboarding

Flyboarding is one of the latest crazes to hit the water in Miami. This hair-raising activity sees you hovering above the water supported by four powerful jets of water.

How it works is like this: you climb onto a jet board which attaches to your feet. It's also attached to a jet ski, by a 60 ft hose. This watercraft provides the propulsion to launch you into the air and the jet ski operator controls the amount of pressure that lifts you skyward.

Try out this extreme water sport at Coconut Grove, Bayside Marketplace, or Jungle Island in Miami.

2. Parasailing

If you like the idea of soaring above the water but flyboarding seems a little extreme, parasailing is for you. When you go parasailing, you're strapped to a kind of parachute that's hooked up to a speedboat.

As the boat streaks across the water, you're lifted into the sky and pulled along at up to 500ft above sea level. You can take to the air solo, in tandem, or three at a time.  There's no better way to get an elevated panoramic view of the Miami shoreline.

Parasailing flips take off from Coconut Grove and South Beach, Miami.

3. Wakeboarding

Imagine going surfing without having to wait for the perfect wave. That's exactly what wakeboarding is. Basically, it's water skiing on a surfboard or skateboarding behind a boat, depending on which activity you prefer.

If you're adept at surfing or skateboarding, wakeboarding is a great way to enjoy a new spin on your sport. You can speed along behind the boat and ramp over the wake, flying skyward as you connect.

For beginners, it's fun to cruise along behind a speed boat at a more sedentary pace while you master your balance. Wakeboarding venues in Miami include the Miami Water Sports Complex and South Beach.

4. Kayaking and SUP

If speed isn't your primary need, you're better off cruising around Miami under your own steam. Kayaking and stand-up paddling are both fun water sports and an excellent way to explore Miami's 291 miles of picturesque waterways.

The sheltered waters of Biscayne Bay are an excellent place to enjoy this relaxing activity with friends.

5. Sailing Across the Sea

No trip to Miami is complete without sampling the yacht life that the city is famous for.  Yacht charters are great for romantic sunset cruises, seeing the shoreline from a different angle, or heading out to party with the well-to-do on Monument Island.

It's one of the best water sports for those who prefer a touch of luxury when venturing out into the big blue.

Experience the Best Miami Water Sports and More

Whether you like to take it easy or go all out, Miami has a long list of water sports for all ages and abilities to enjoy. What's more, you'll find a host of other upmarket activities to keep you busy while you're in town.

Keep reading our blog for more ideas on what to do and see in Miami.